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Nice Review of Still Lifes on DasaBooks!

“The author spent over a year wandering around the vintage architectural marvels of Yangon, Myanmar, documenting the insides of the city’s grand old Colonial buildings, many of which were being demolished by the new wave of “investors” that had descended upon the city. In her introduction to this book, Rush notes that she “wasn’t interested in the architecture so much… Read more →

Still Lifes from a Vanishing City: Essays and Photographs from Yangon, Myanmar published by Global Directions Press

  Buy it on Amazon! Here is what Emma Larkin has to say about it: “Elizabeth made good use of the strange days just before this awakening to venture into the lost world of downtown Yangon, but it was not the large edifices of Empire that attracted her attention. Rather, she focused on the shop houses and private residences that line the… Read more →