by Elizabeth Rush
Illustrations by Khin Maung Myint

Under Myanmar’s periwinkle sky, bright pagodas twinkle like earthbound stars, men and women alike dress in colorful skirts called longyi, bamboo groves ripple and quiver in waves of vibrant green, fishermen row their boats by standing with one leg powering an oar, and a giant golden rock hovers on the brink of a cliff, balanced in place by a single strand of the Buddha’s hair.

Young Hla describes the country of her birth in vivid, poetic anecdotes to her little sister who has never been there. Her stories provide lively captions for the paintings that glow like jewels and brilliantly illustrate the vitality and culture of a little-known corner of the globe. When the last page of this book has been turned, readers will long to ride in a trishaw, dab fragrant thanaka paste on their faces to prevent sunburn, eat savory mohinga soup for breakfast, and hear the exuberant greeting of “Mingalaba” that welcomes them to Myanmar.

Elizabeth Rush
Elizabeth Rush lives in Brooklyn, New York where she rides bikes, bakes pie, and writes books. Twenty-six is her favorite number, but if she had to choose the three things she loves most about Myanmar they would be (in no particular order): monsoons, maroon monks’ robes, and all those bells. She is currently working on a book about contemporary art in Vietnam.

Khin Maung Myint
Born in Yangon, Myanmar, artist Khin Maung Myint attended the State School of Fine Art in Yangon, studying under U Thu Kha, U Lun Gywe, Maung Nyo Win and Win Pe Myint. Since 1995, his art has been shown at many group and solo exhibitions in Yangon, including one at the National Museum of Myanmar. Khin Maung Myint resides and paints in Yangon, Myanmar.

2011, 6 1/2 x 10 inches; 48 pages; hardcover; color images
ISBN-10: 1-934159-28-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-934159-28-6

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