Selected works

Central to my writing practice is the act of listening: listening to those who live in front-line climate changed communities, listening to Antarctica’s great glaciers as they go to pieces, listening to all those voices long locked out of environmental conversations. My work explores a couple of fundamental questions: what does our disassembling world ask of us? How can we continue to live and love while also losing much?


The New York Times

What Does Antarctica’s Disintegration Asks of Us?

This is Not the Way to Stop Homes from Flooding

Lit Hub

Searching for Women’s Voices in the Harshest Landscape on Earth


Stormy Waters


First Passage

Prairie Chicken Marathon

Memorial for the Future

Elegant Remains: A Day in New York’s Largest Landfill

5 Questions for Elizabeth Rush, Author of Still Lifes from a Vanishing City

National Geographic

Here’s What Antartica’s Calving Glaciers Look Like Up Close

These Women are Changing the Landscape of Antarctic Research


The Marsh at the End of the World

The Guardian

Meet America’s New Climate Normal: Towns that Flood When it isn’t Raining

Rising Seas: “Florida’s About to be Wiped Off the Map”

The Atlantic

Can San Francisco Be Saved from the Sea?

Creative Nonfiction

Something Like Vertigo

Pacific Standard

Postcard from Rhode Island

The New Republic

As the Seas Rise


Still Lifes from a Vanishing City

PUBLIC: A Journal of Imagining America

“Climate Change and the Stories We Tell: The Making of a Digital Archive in Rural Maine”

The Dark Mountain Project

The Skeleton of the Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana (anthologized)


The Saree Express

Al Jazeera

Fox Beach Fades to Green

Urban Omnibus

Leaving the Sea: Staten Islanders Experiment with Managed Retreat

The Storm that Will Be: Protecting Public Housing in the New 100-year Floodplain

Le Monde Diplomatique

Down on the Disappearing Bayou

Widening the Strand: Burma Returns to Market

How Not to Grow a New Town: Property Speculation Arrives in Lima’s Migrantvilles

Passing Through: India’s Border Fence with Bangladesh

Burma: Democracy’s Edge

The Day Burma Began to Change

A Room of Her Own: Portraits of Women’s Bedrooms in North Vietnam

The Futures of Farming

Hurricane Sandy Not Forgotten


Taking Place: Performance art in Burma

Juan Manuel Echavarría and the War We Have Not Seen

Podcasts and other Miscellany

“Organizing Amid Rising Tides” The Dig Podcast brought to you by Jacobin Magazine

“For Those Living by the Water’s Edge, it May Be Time to Move” in the Washington Post

“Burning Worlds with Elizabeth Rush” at the Chicago Review of Books

“Working Backwards with Elizabeth Rush” Episode 71 of the Creative Nonfiction Podcast

“The Hero’s Journey: Climate Change Adaptation and Creative Nonfiction Writing” Episode 58 of the America Adapts Podcast

“When Climate Change Affects Livelihoods, Adapting Trumps Believing” in the Portland Press Herald 

“An Ocean State of Mind” in the Providence Journal

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